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 Post subject: And down they go!
 Post Posted: Mon Nov 04, 2013 11:22 pm 
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With the band back together (everyone was back from trips omg), we ventured forth into Siege of Orgrimmar once again. Galakras once more fell to our onslaught, and then it was time for Iron Juggernaut.

Or more like Jugger-Not!


Yep, not counting the accidental pull by T's pet, we 2-shot the Juggernaut. And then it was on to the Dark Shaman. T offered to swap to his DK so we could do the 3-tank strategy, and this time it was just getting used to the new situation, and on the 4th pull, we made them pay for their Dark Shaman ways.


(since we tanked them separately, their bodies were too far away to get a good kill by either, so we just picked the doors)

WoL is still borked for melee damage detection, but logs are in both places:


BTW, open alpha has begun for Warcraft Logs testing, so feel free to download the client and try it yourself! If you want the guild code to join IC's guild, send me a PM on the forums.

(also, all reports on Warcraft Logs are being reported as Heroic or Flex, since they removed hit point detection in 5.4.1. The developer believes they'll bring it back in 5.4.2, so he's not going to change it at this time. Even though it indicates flex, these fights should be counted as Normal.)

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"Tanks are the only Class/Spec that makes you fight NPCs and members of your group at the same time." - Sig seen on the General Forums

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