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 Post subject: Application: Zyarael
 Post Posted: Fri Sep 22, 2017 9:42 pm 

Joined: Sat Sep 02, 2017 7:31 pm
Posts: 1
Character Name? Zyarael

Who do you know in the guild? (If anyone; please provide any contact info you may have had, even if you just chatted with someone to find the web site.) Chestnut

Why do you want to join IC? How did you hear about IC? I have been looking to explore the Horde side of the game. So making Llane a 'Horde Server' for me seemed like a good idea after talking to Chestnut. Especially after having recently returned to WoW

Are you leaving a guild? Without trashing anyone or the guild, please explain why this guild no longer suits you. Well, honestly, I haven't left the guild - my main, a level 109 Dwarf Paladin on Durotan, still resides in the same guild he has been in literally since launch. But most of my friends are playing FFXIV. :) So.... figured I wanted to explore the Horde side of the game, as I said above.

What kind of player are you? Casual/Hardcore? Raider/Non-raider? PVP/Non-pvp?
I am, at most, a pretty casual player. I do raid if the opportunity appears, and I do PVP as the mood strikes me. I have to keep it casual, as I'm IRL a teacher and a master's degree candidate.
What kind of Guild atmosphere are you looking for? Casual, friendly, helpful. Mostly just a place to hang out, ask for advice if I need it, interact with other players, etc.

Good information to have:

Character class? Demon Hunter
Level? Currently 107, but not for long. ;)
Alts? Level 70 Death Knight named Vashaviji, and will probably have others as the mood strikes once I max up Zyarael
Professions and Levels? Don't have any on Zyar yet. Been focusing on leveling her, rather than going and working on getting professions up. First stop, get 110. Second stop, maybe professions? :)
Raiding experience? I raided pretty regularly up through Cataclysm - haven't done much since. Need to get back into it though, if only for the storyline pieces of it.

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